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fashion design courses at institutes in india pune

Fashion design drawing

This course prepares you for a career in fashion. The B.Des Fashion Design is a skills-based course, where you have the opportunity to explore your ideas both two- and three-dimensionally, using a broad variety of techniques and approaches in exciting and challenging projects.

The course has excellent links with industry both through live projects and external competitions as well as collaborations with industry experts. The diverse staffing base brings a wealth of professional experience - many staff members continue to work in fashion, ensuring that practice and teaching in the course reflects the latest industry standards.https://www.pinterest.com/powerpoint_templates/education-powerpoint-templates/

Key study topics include

  • Introduction to design and instruction in pattern and production

  • Drawing and portfolio skills

  • Computer technology both pattern (computer-aided manufacture) and presentation (computer-aided design)

  • Bespoke tailoring and creative cutting techniques

  • Introduction into the textile print resource and a collaborative project with Fashion Textiles: Print to design, produce and market a collection

  • Work placement and opportunity for international exchange with partner institutions

  • Design, development and production of a collection (menswear or womenswear) leading to a catwalk presentation

  • Career preparation and professional skills

  • Portfolio development.

On-campus Library with dedicated subject librarians.

Dedicated design studios for Drawing, Patternmaking , garment construction, Draping. etc.

Specialist fashion facilities include

  • Industry standard Fashion CAD Suite for fashion pattern cutting

  • Two expansive fashion workshops

  • Personal technical assistance.

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